Topper Answer Booklets for GS

Over the period of last 4 years, I’ve regularly analyzed Topper’s answer booklet and best answer copies.

1> Every year VisionIAS shares the test copies of toppers after result. ForumIAS has also started it in 2018.  So have a look at each of them.

2> If you can, get in good books of your friend who is enrolled at other coaching institute to share the best copies of each test before mains. This will help you in gauging the level of competition, any new topic that you might have missed, new types of questions (especially at GS Score) and get new ideas for presentation.

3> After every mock test compare your answer copy with the best copy of that particular test. Analyse where can you improve. During this exercise you’ll also understand how subjectivity of examiner plays a important role in the marks you get. Not everything is in your hand. At times your answer might be better but you cant help if once the marks are given.

For example – In my last attempt I enrolled for MGP at ForumIAS and test series at Orient IAS. Then I  asked a friends of mine who was enrolled in VisionIAS  and GS Score to share best copies from those institute. I asked another friend who used to check copies at Vajiram to share good Ethics and Polity copies.

This might sound too much but it was my Final attempt. Had to do everything possible.

Here is the collection of some of them –

Topper’s booklet – Miscellaneous, GS Score 2015, Vision IAS 2017 Best copies, GS Score 2017 Best copies ,Topper’s booklet 2016, Essay , Ethics, Topper’s booklet 2015

Dont panic and do well,



14 thoughts on “Topper Answer Booklets for GS

  1. sir , some doubts i have regarding vision toppers booklets…
    vision jo har test ki good copies, test series student k portal par upload karta hai, unme kabhi bhi in toppers ki copies nhi hoti..generally…aur jin students ki good copies har test k sath upload hoti hai, v kum hi select hote hain…

    ek selected student hai top 50 m , varjeet valia , uske vision test m marks 40,50 , 60 jaise the…. how they get top ranks in upsc….

    kya apko lagta hai ki upsc m kafi kuch copy checker par bhi depend karta hai…isliye kai bnde tukke s bhi select ho rhe hain…

  2. Vivek, I dont think koi tukke se select hota hai. Luck and Destiny does plays a role but only when you have done the requisite hard work.

    About vision test marks, in 2015 I once got 30/250. So there is that 🙂

    About good copies from test series, you are correct. This has been my observation too. Usually it is very rare to find those names whose copies are uploaded as best ones. But there is a catch – these names are not recurring in each test. On the oher hand if there is someone whos copy has been uploaded multiple times in different tests as best ones, then he is definetly a good candidate. I vaguely remember Gautam Jain sir’s copies use to be uplaoded regularly by GS Score and finally he got a top 100 rank.

    Anyways point here is to use these test copies to improve your answer writing and presentation. It doesnt matter IMHO whether they are finally getting selected or not.

  3. sir, make one post about imp books for mains .. eg governance, social issue … your experience about which books give more output…

  4. sir, do u had joined any essay test series. plz give review and also share ur strategy for essay.

  5. Yes I did join.

    OrientIAS for two years 2016 and 17 – Personal guidance, Conservative marking, Pushes you to the limit.
    ForumIAS for 2017 – Variation in marks
    VisionIAS in 2016 – Variation in marks, No guidance
    GS Score in 2016 – Good to prepare for abstract topics, timely copy checking, personal guidance

    Please check other post on the blog. I’ve already shared my essay strategy.

  6. sir, do u have joined any essay test series.If yes, plz provide review of urs for that test series.

  7. sir could you please share the password of the pdfs in the folder titled “paper4”

  8. Congratulations sir ,I have been a regular follower of your blog.thank you for the tips .I wanted to ask about Orient ias ethics test series ? is it good?

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