CSE GS1 Strategy

GS1 usually takes most times of aspirant as subjects like History and Culture are highly time consuming but not really rewarding. I would suggest you to not devote much time to these topics as either the questions would be so easy that everyone would be able to write something meaningful or so difficult that most of the candidate will have no idea what they are suppose to write.


  • History – TN Board 11th NCERT, Modern Spectrum, Few chapters from TMH
  • Culture – Nitin Singhania’s handwritten notes+GK Today notes
  • Geography – NCERT, G C Leong, Vajiram class notes
  • Society – Vision IAS Notes, Current affairs

I made revision notes for all material. For Spectrum, I got the summary pages at the end of each chapter photocopied and wrote extra stuff on them for last minute revision.

My evernote collection

Other reosurces


27 thoughts on “CSE GS1 Strategy

  1. Ok sir..but as per ur experience of even offline mode test series which one could really help..

  2. Sir m confused which test series to join for prelims and mains..online mode..pls guide sir for the same

  3. Vikas, As it goes, nothing is impossible. But then again I have not been in your situation. Neither do I know someone in my close circle who was. It is difficult to manage two things at same time. Decide wisely. UPSC is not everything. Best.

  4. Abhishek sir, I am a working guy in a mnc but job is service engineer in construction equipment company…mostly a month 26-27 days I have to travel across rajasthan…earlier I prepared before- for ssc cgl and banking exams too..in some exams I reached at level of mains .
    Now my problem is I can’t leave my job , because of i have to support my family, though something inside me pinching always to get my dream as a govt job….it’s not that I never reads , sometime when I have time I read g.k current affairs etc…now I just want to ask ,,is it possible to get govt job along with private job in my condition. ..kindly guide me sir

  5. Abhishek sir, if I ask you to kindly suggest me book list or study material for upsc preparation for 2019 , I am from technical background .so please help me with it…how to choose optional and how it affects on overall scoring…if you have a time then reply me with it sir..

    With regards
    Vikas kumar

  6. Sir, your GS-4 notes of Ethics are really helpful. Please upload your GS-2 and GS-3 notes as well since these are the areas that cover most of the current affairs and we face most issues in managing and organising notes of current affairs of these 2 papers.

  7. Hello Sir
    My hearty greetings for your achievements and you are doing saviour’s work with these detailed blog posts.
    1.I want to serve my nation, so I will be attempting CSE for first time in 2019 and would like to get through in first attempt, what would your suggestions be to me?
    2.How important is a mentor in this journey as I don’t have one and solely rely on digital mediums? 3.Is it possible to prepare with a job?
    4. I am a CS engineer and undecided on my optional , PSIR vs sociology but never so sure.

  8. 1> follow someone’s strategy who has similar background and cleared in first attempt
    2> no need for personal mentor. Your teachers are your best bet.
    3> I don’t think so.
    4> PSIR among the two is better.

  9. Hello Sir
    Do you plan on sharing your
    1. Anecdote and Example
    2. Conclusion to GS mains answer/essay
    3. Introduction to GS mains answers/Essay
    4. Keywords/Phrases to use in answers and essay
    5. Numbers/Figures/Facts
    7. Answer/essay writing


  10. I’ve already shared my essay notes. All of them are more or less included there.

  11. Sir while writing answers in mains we should think then and there and write the answer or should we have that content already?
    I got this doubt on how to make notes sir. As….
    If we need to have content before we can make notes in the same way so that we can directly write those points in answer writing or
    If we should think then and there and write the answer then we can make notes just for understanding the topics.

  12. Sir, do you suggest solving Tutorial sheets along with the lectures, or should i complete the course and then solve them. [I am watching the video lectures.]

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