CSE GS3 Strategy

GS3 has scored comparatively high this year. It is difficult to point out a reason for that. Usually GS2 and GS3 have scored similarly.

This paper has been one of my favorites as it contains diverse set of subjects.

Book list

  • Economy – Sriram IAS class notes
  • Security – Vajiram Yellow book
  • Environment – Shankar IAS Notes
  • S&T – Vajiram class notes+Vajiram’s yellow book
  • Disaster management – Yojana’s editions which comes once in two years or so
  • Current affaris – Vision IAS Monthly magazine, Editorials from various news appers especially Livemint, Business standard


  • I made concise revision notes for all subjects except S&T
  • I drew as many diagrams as possible in the paper
  • Kept my online notes updated via newspapers and vision magazine

My evernote collection –

Other resources


10 thoughts on “CSE GS3 Strategy

  1. Sir we really appreciate your efforts. Trully the excellent notes of GS3. Kindly share GS1,2 as well at the earliest.

  2. sir , did you make separate notes for prelims and what should i not read for prelims ? since you said in your GSSCORE video that prelims requires depth understanding ? and could you please elaborate on what you meant when you said mains requires wide coverage ?

    sorry if you find this question silly
    thank you

  3. sir is prelims syllabus concise ? or is there more to that “etc” written in it ? where is the boundary for prelims syllabus or whatever given for prelims syllabus is myth ? it would be great if you could pen down in brief about prelims and mains approach , how subtly different is their preparation and how we to handle them simultaneously ?

  4. Sir as you have said that for gs2 m puri sir classes are best for value addition and for gs4 atul sir classes then for gs3 whose classes are best for value addition

  5. Well, Prelims syllabus is definitely not precise if you see last few years paper. You need to have a good grasp over current affairs of last one year along with thorough knowledge of static portion to be sure of clearing prelims confidently.

    Preparation is initially done keeping mains in mind…so focusing on the topics mentioned in mains syllabus…then few month before prelims you need to do a deep dive into the prelims syllabus.

  6. Mains require little knowledge about lot of things as you have to write 200 words which is not that difficult. But Prelims require in depth understanding. For ex – In history you need to analyze all major events in India from 1770-1947 thoroughly because a question might come for whom you can deduce the answer if you know the chronology.

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