CSE 2017 – My Interview Transcript

Brief Background -B Tech from IITD. Worked in corporate sector and startups. Currently under training as IPS Probationer. Hobbies are Astrophyiscs, Cooking, Travel Photography, Reading Memoirs.

20/2/18. Afternoon session. First to go.
Ch – Bhonsle sir
-nice haircut! How often?
-‎how did you get interested in astrophysics?
-‎ who gave the theory of evolution and what was the name of the book?
-why have you filled IPS again?
-why do you want to change cadre?
What did you do to get this ambsaador of change award?
Do you think you were successful?
Why so?
What is needed to bring the chaneg?
Three changes that you will like to bring on district?
– who said that we should leave the earth in 100 years? What could be the rationale? Do you subscribe to it?
– ‎some wise man said that Venus was like earth before? Why did he say so?
M3 (lady)
-what do you like to cook?
-‎how do you cook daal baati?
-‎what were you doing in Chile?
-‎what is last memoir you’ve read and what is your favorite memoir?
-‎what do you like about it?
-dont you think there are certain cons of home cadre? what are the pro and cons of home cadre?
-why do you want to opt for IAS? what will you do if you get west bengal again in IAS?
-will you leave police service for IFS?
– is police service or force?
– ‎wb has WB police and WB police service? What’s the difference?
– ‎what is the perception of people about police?
– ‎why is it so?
– ‎what are the issues being faced by police?
– ‎what will you do to address these?
– ‎three challenges facing India?
-What was this Zestbuds?
– what should india do for women empowerment to bring them at the level they are in Singapore?
– ‎have you seen dabang? What’s the image of police it potrays? Is it correct?
The board was extremely cordial. Interview went like a breeze.

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