Atul Garg sir (OrientIAS) GS4 Ethics class notes

I attended Ethics classes by Atul Garg sir at Oreint IAS in my 4th and last attempt. They were immensly helpful to me. Although there has been strict marking in Ethics paper I still amanged to get a decent score of 99.

Before I attended his classes, I had gone through Ethics class notes from Vajiram, Pawan kumar sir, Ansari sir (Lukmaan) and VisionIAS. But they did not helped. The reason being that Ethics is one subject for which you need to understand and internalise the concept. It is very hard to do so if you just read notes.

I will advise you to attend ethics classes once at least somewhere. Would recommend Atul sir as he keeps on updating his content with demand of the paper. He relates ethical concept with current affairs as well as Indian mythology. You’ll be never short of examples after attending his classes.

The notes are published here




11 thoughts on “Atul Garg sir (OrientIAS) GS4 Ethics class notes

  1. sir, can you please tell how to use anecdote in ethics… from where to find such anecdotes….can you give its some examples ( which u think r impressive …) … and i have done ethics class already in lukmaan , shd i do orient ethics classes or test series…. i mainly need some nice examples and anecdotes ….

  2. No you dont need to do any other ethics classes. Go through the class notes of atul garg sir that I’ve provided and you will find tonnes of anecdotes and quotes.

  3. Sir any suggestions for online classes for ethics ?
    Also, I need to improve my essay writing. Will you suggest attending any classes(or only test series) for it ?

  4. i attended shabbir sir classes for essay and joined test series at orient, forum and other places over the year.

    yes you may join online classes for ethics.

  5. Sir
    The notes which you provided is protected with the password!
    How can we refer to that notes ??
    Any other way around!?

  6. Sir I have written 2018 mains but not cleared it and I think its the essay and ethics which pulled me back. Please tell me how do I start my preparation for essay and ethics. Thank you

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