My videos for CSE and IFoS related guidance

Collating these videos here for reference

CSE guidance video – briefly touches upon important aspects of my strategy for all 3 stages of CSE i.e. interview, mains and interview

CSE Guidance video –

CSE Physics Optional strategy  – exhaustive coverage of Physics strategy. Few words of wisdom from Vajpai sir who has been my mentor.

CSE Physics Optional Strategy

Notesmaking strategy

IFoS guidance video – covers GK, English, Forestry Optional and Interview


29 thoughts on “My videos for CSE and IFoS related guidance

  1. Sir what opttlional should be choosen that works for both IAS IFS i am mechanical engineer with ias optional geography, do geology conforms with geography??

  2. Geology and geography are quite different. IFoS and CSE both has geology as one possible optinal. The other could be mechanical engineering or other science subject.

  3. What optional shd be chosen for ifs, one being mech engineering my ias optional being geography.
    Anything that is easy and relates to geography

  4. Geology is closest to geography. But I always suggest that your one optional in IFoS should be forestry. So you can choose geology+forestry.

  5. Geology+mech
    Vs forestry+mech
    Vs geology+forestry(not comfortable both are new).

  6. Sir,
    What are the physical standards for forest service specially eye sight.
    FOR IPS its -4.00 specs
    Similar in IFS?

  7. i’ve no idea about it mohit. better to check with somone who has similar issue.

  8. Thank you sir for your guidance.
    Sir, forumias mentions that you had attended their current affairs program, was it helpful for prelims/mains, I am planning to join it

  9. Sir , it would be of immense help to me if u can upload ur forestry evernote !.

  10. Hello sir,
    Heartily congratulation from my side ,
    sir as I was really confused about how to make notes for prelims and mains on digital platform like Evernote suddenly I stuck on your blog and my all problem somehow solved , if possible Kindly share a single copy of your revision note so that I could follow same.
    it will be a great help for us

    thank you

    Anshuj Dwivedi

  11. Hello sir , I am preparing for CSE 2019 I have 3 queries
    1 how one should start answer writing practice whether I will write daily 2 , 3 answers daily or I will join test series like vision ias .
    2 how many mock tests are sufficient for prelims. because this time prelims paper 2018 is tough
    3 Which sources I would follow for mains answer writing and prelims mock tests.

  12. For 1-2 months daily 2-3 answers and then test series. 20-30 mock test for prelims. Standard sources – vision, forum, insights, gs score, vajiram, sriram. Choose your pick.

  13. Hello Sir,
    I have completed (Hons) Physics from Delhi University. I have noticed that the theory part of the syllabus can be covered from reference books but I want to know that can we cover numerical part from reference books? or for numericals part, Should I go through any coaching material?
    Actually I want to know how do we prepare for numericals for cse?

  14. for numericals you can refer to last 15 years paper. that will give you an idea of type of questions being asked.

  15. sir.. what should one study for gk preparation for ifos… as IAS syllabus is vast for gs papers…. n every coaching center is providing IAS GS preparation.

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