CSE GS2 Strategy

I use to think GS2 is one paper where candidates from Public Administration, Sociology, PSIR have a distinct advantage. But that’s not the case really. The paper doesnt demand in depth knowledge. Although in initial years of my preparation I was a little afraid of the content but later became confident.

I’ve relied heavily on current affairs, Vision notes and puri sir notes for this paper. In my opinion they are the key ingredient to attain a certain level of preparation.


  • Polity – Lakshmikant, M Puri sir’s class notes
  • Governance – Current affairs, Vision IAS notes
  • International relations – Vajiram’s class notes, M Puri sir’s class notes

Try and make revision notes for all your content except Lakshmikant as it is humanly impossible to do for this book.

My evernote collection

Other resources


11 thoughts on “CSE GS2 Strategy

  1. Not able to access links in your nites. Is there a way around? I wanted to have a look in the way the content is organized in those.

  2. Sir, can you share M Puri sir’s class notes in a different notebook like the Atul sir’s notes?

  3. Sir, is Puri sir classes recommended? I do have time and money to go for it, but I am not uncomfortable with Polity. I don’t have an idea about the governance part.
    Puri sir doesn’t seem to cover that well. Also, I read in topper blogs that Paper 2 does not demand depth rather a technique of using articles, ARC etc to fetch marks.
    My question – Is the depth which he will give recommended for GS2 or can that paper be managed decently well by oneself? Please answer, so that I can devote more time to GS1 etc, this will help me streamline my preparation. Thanks.

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