Online Sources for CSE preparation

I have heavily used online resources for my preparation. I subscribed to RSS feeds on Feedly. I use to copy whatever I found useful to my evernote. I could gather lot of anecdotes and quotes too by this way. I have given here a comprehensive list of my feeds to give you an idea. You can customise it as per your own preference. I have not read physical newspaper except for interview prep and for the first two months when I started preparing.

Exam Blogs

  1. Civils Daily – Usually to keep track of any news which I might have missed
  2. IAS baba – RSTV articles,
  3. Insights on India – Secure Initiative for answer writing (2015), PIB posts, Mindmaps, RSTV articles, Insights into editorials, Online Mains test series (2016&2017)
  4. Mrunal – One of the best websites for UPSC preparation. Engaging content. I was immensely benefited from NCERT compilation for S&T, Economics articles, Ethics articles, Toppers interview.
  5. – Not a blog but a website which regularly post study material from various sources


  1. The Hindu – all pages


  1. The Hindu – Leftist and liberal point of view
  2. The Indian Express –
  3. Business Line – The Hindu – gives a more balanced and pragmatic perspective than The Hindu
  4. Livemint – From a economist point of view


  1. Business standard – Economy and Policy page


  1. ToI – Environment News – to keep track of any happenings which The Hindu misses out on


  1. CPR India – Great way to keep track of good thinkers, commentators and authors
  2. PRS Blog – a must or all UPSC aspirants

International Relations

  1. The Diplomat – south asia edition – insightful articles
  2. Brookings India


  1. The Indian Express – S&T page

Other resources

  1. Project Syndicate – A must read in my opinion to give a international perspective to your thinking. You will start looking at things in bigger picture
  2. PIB Feed – Just browse through it. Read President, PM, VP speeches . They are full of fodder/quotes for essays and answers
  3. PIB Features – For obscure topics.


Here’s the sneak peak to my feedly – Online content

Here’s the opml file for those interested – feedly-81910bcc-c2a8-4f75-8114-90d7f52f6b69-2018-05-21 [Download the file and change the extension to .opml]


9 thoughts on “Online Sources for CSE preparation

  1. How did you manage to read all the news daily, Sir? There are too many.
    OR, Did you just skim through and read the relevant ones only and marked read rest of them?

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