IFoS – Physics optional

My score – 278/400
I joined DIAS for Physics classes and their test series. More than anything else, the motivation by Vajpayee Sir played an important role in me getting good marks in Physics.
To do
  • Solve all DIAS tutorials properly in UPSC like notebook – Gives you a feel of space, presentation etc
  • Don’t leave any fringe topics especially those which are not in CSE syllabus- Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, saha’s ionization, cornu’s spiral etc
    • There’ll be invariably 1-2 questions from these and if you have prepared them well, they can give you an edge.
  • Prepare revision notes (summary sheets – 3-4 pages for each units)
    • Cant emphasize the importance of this. If you don’t have these, you’ll be overwhelmed just before the exam by the sheer size of the notes.
  • For those who join DIAS
    • Attend all classes
    • Solve tutorials as per schedule
    • Give all test on time
Book list
  • Mechanics
    • JCUpadhyay
  • Optics
    • Ghatak
  • Electricity and magentism
    • Griffith and SP
  • Thermo
    • Garg, bansal, ghosh
  • Resnick and Eisberg
  • Quantum
    • HCV
  • Atomic and molecular
    • Rajkumar and ban well
  • Nuclear and Particle
    • SBPatel
  • Solid state and digital electronics
    • Puri and babbar
Please remember that this is a test of your perseverance and balanced approach and not of your smartness.

2 thoughts on “IFoS – Physics optional

  1. Sir, I have done my graduation in EE from a private college. Initially sir I wanted to take MATHS as an optional subject for this exam but NITISH K ( IAS) refused me to take maths optional by saying that you must have a good track record because you are competing with students from iit,nit,bits etc…
    Then, sir i have decided to take PHYSICS as an optional subject for this exam. So, sir I wanted to know should I take this optional or look for humanity optional. PRATEEK JAIN sir told you can take this optional but you must read it for 4 years in great detail then only you can expect something good.

    Finally, sir, if I take physics optional will you advice me to take DIAS coaching or first I should read by myself the whole syllabus,then I should go to coaching?

  2. Honestly, It is a difficult choice. I understand where Nitish and Prateek are coming from. Physics as well as Maths are rewarding optional but yes a) you’ll be competing with iitians (relative marking in mains) b) it will take time to prepare for both of them.

    if you do take physics then go for Vajpayee sir class at DIAS. It wont be possible for you to do the entire syllabus on your own.

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